Baily's Story

Introduction to Baily
The journey of an Olympian is one of sacrifice, commitment, discipline, and unrelenting hard work and drive.

This is Baily McDonald.

Baily McDonald is a Canadian amateur snowboarding phenom. At the age of 21, Baily has already captured the attention of the snowboarding world with success at the local, provincial, national and international levels. Her history of achievements includes wins and top place results at high profile events around the world including:

• Canada Winter Games (2015)
• Youth Olympic Games (2016)
• US Revolution Tour (2017)
• World Cup Tour (2017, 2019)
• Canadian Nationals (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
• Canada Cup Tour (2017, 2018)
• Nor-Am Cup (2017, 2018, 2019)
• Supergirl Snow Pro (2019)
• Australia / New Zealand Cup (2019)

Baily is a world-class snowboarder, destination Beijing, for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Comeback from Injury Setback
In late 2017, as a member of the Canadian National Snowboarding Team, just months away from heading to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, Baily suffered a season ending injury during a contest in New Zealand marred by dangerous weather conditions. Her 2018 Olympic bid was over.

Having just missed the 2018 Winter Olympics, and not to be derailed, Baily picked herself up, dusted off, and set on a mission to earn a spot to represent Canada at the 2022 Winter Olympics. The subsequent 2018 season was one of contemplation, change, and soul searching for Baily. Recovery from a serious injury would require the systematic removal of mental blocks, fear, and a fundamental shift in Baily’s training approach. This new approach was designed to break bad habits in favour of a more consistent and reliable development path.

2018 was a tough year coming back after such a bad crash. I was afraid, but I knew I could get past my fears if I stayed focused on my passion for riding. I love catching air and I wanted to get back there with no limitations, no restrictions.” - Baily

“I think Baily’s crash made her realize that she was not invincible, that there are real risks and dangers to the sport. It really affected her mind. That’s something she has had to overcome. And she has done that.” - Joe McDonald

After spending much of 2018 rebuilding confidence in Canada Snowboard’s Next Gen program, Baily joined forces in 2019 with her current coach Sam Marcotte, founder of The Senders, a program where snowboarders progress in a group environment and feed off each others passion and drive. This coach-athlete dynamic quickly became the catalyst to what has propelled Baily and put her back on a path of exponential growth and progress.

“I see something special in Baily, I wouldn’t be wasting my time otherwise. She has something that others don’t have. We’re on a really great path of progression. I believe she’s ready to push women’s snowboarding to new heights” - Sam Marcotte

Baily is now climbing her way up the world snowboard rankings and is in a strong position to represent Canada at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing China. But she needs your help.

Baily 2022 is your opportunity to be partners on an exciting journey to the worlds’ greatest sporting stage, the Winter Olympic Games.

Baily Growing Up
Baily first attached herself to a snowboard at the age of 6. Living just outside Barrie, Ontario, Snow Valley quickly became her second home as she conquered her fears and learned to catch air in a way that most reasonable people would consider crazy.

But Baily is not like others.

From an early age Baily realized that she had a love and unique skill for attaching herself to any kind of board she could find. Whether it be on a skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, or wakeboard, she had found her passion. By age 9 Baily began competing in skateboard competitions at Muskoka Woods. Before long, she made the natural transition to compete as a snowboarder at local ski resorts where snow was easy to find, and competitions were in plenty of supply.

“The choice to start competing as a snowboarder was an easy one for me. We live in a great place where winter is long, snowboarding is popular, and there are many ski resorts within a short drive. Though I loved skate boarding, I also knew that there were way more opportunities to compete at a higher level as a snowboarder. So I made the switch.” - Baily

Before long, Baily was competing locally and winning contests everywhere she went. In time local became regional, regional became national, and national has now become international.

“I’ve been lucky, my parents have been my main support. My Dad got me started snowboarding, and my mom is a crazy support for me. They are both my biggest fans in their own unique ways. They provide me exactly what I need to go after my goals. Their goal though, is that I’m happy. No matter what.” - Baily

“When I think about what they give that’s most important to me, I have to say it’s love… Amazing how much that can motivate and inspire. I get such positive reassurance from them both, that I know I can do this.” - Baily

“I think my main role for Baily is to continuously remind her of how wonderful and capable she is. We’re always in communication. Always.” - Karen McDonald

“They brag about me, especially my mom… it’s awkward, I hate it. My mom jumps and claps when I stomp. But yeah, they’re my biggest fans.” - Baily

“One of my favourite memories was at Mt. St Louis when she landed her very first 7 in competition. She was so excited coming down the hill…We had snowmobiled to the hill from home so I was in a skidoo suit dancing around and cheering. I was SO proud.” - Karen McDonald

Character Traits
Like most elite athletes, Baily McDonald is much more than simply an outstanding athlete. Baily’s drive and motivation has taken her on a path that most others only dream about.


“Baily doesn’t stop until she has achieved what she is after. She has a strong personality. Her injury was emotionally hard on her and people doubted her ability to come back. But she proved everyone wrong. She’s back.” - Tiffany McDonald

“It doesn’t matter the task, Baily never gives up until she accomplishes her goal. Her drive is her strongest character trait.” - Karen McDonald


In the highly competitive and often cut-throat world of competitive snowboarding, Baily’s approach to competition, and life, stands out from the rest. Baily is all about heart. Her goal is to win a medal for Canada.

“Her heart is so huge, just a kind soul. She cares about so many things: people, fairness and sportsmanship, inspiring others, the planet… she is different than others who just want to win.” - Karen McDonald


Baily understands, and takes seriously, her opportunity to be a role model. She knows how many people are watching, and she knows what it means to be a professional in every way. With a squeaky clean reputation, Baily is the perfect ambassador for the sport, it’s sponsors, and ultimately her country.

“I’m so grateful to have the chance to earn a spot on the Olympic team and ride for Canada. I have great sponsors that I am so proud to represent. And I have an incredible network of supporters, they always ask me how it’s going, they make me want to succeed. I want to make them proud, I want to win a medal for everyone, for Canada.” - Baily

Baily McDonald proudly represents major international brands including Roxy, Swatch, Smith Optics, ThirtyTwo, and Union Binding Co. In addition to large international brands, Baily also maintains strong relationships with local, provincial and national partners who are excited to be part of Baily’s journey to Beijing.

“I’m so thankful for the support I have. My sponsors are the best, they are a major reason that I can train and compete all around the world in amazing places, and a big reason I can take a legitimate run at 2022.” - Baily

The Road Ahead
As with any journey to the pinnacle of competition, Baily’s road to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing is one that will require unrelenting hard work, drive, discipline, and resources. Over the next two years Baily will travel the world to compete in world class events, and train at some of the top snowboarding facilities on the planet.
The 2020 commitment includes:

• Airbag Training in Ste-Agathe (QC)
• Local training at Mount St. Louis Moonstone (ON)
• Training at Colorado Springs (CO)
• FIS Europa Cup Event at Landgraaf (Netherlands)
• World Cup Event at Calgary (AB) - Canadian Nationals
• Seiser Alm - FIS World Cup Event (Italy)
• Air Nation Fresetyle Tour (FIS) at Mont Tremblant (QC)
• Air Nation Fresetyle Tour (FIS) at Maximise (QC)
• Air Nation Fresetyle Tour (FIS) at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone (ON)
• Park City (Utah)

“It’s a long road ahead, with tons of travel. Sometimes I wonder how I’ll do it, but honestly I live for it, I love snowboarding in all aspects. I can’t wait to be on the snow and work hard every day.” - Baily

Join the Journey
Baily knows all too well, that a major contributor to an athletes’ success on the world stage, is the countless army of supporters that help make things happen in so many different ways. She is motivated by her passion, and her desire to win… not just for herself, but for Canada.

“Getting to the Olympics, for any athlete, requires the right team. Not just those in direct contact, but also those who become enablers and senders. Enablers are a powerful piece of the equation that help to propel an athlete to compete and succeed at the highest possible level.” - Sam Marcotte

“We’re building an engine, with each team member making a unique contribution toward a successful result. A medal for Baily in Beijing will, without a doubt, be a team win. It will take coaches, sponsors, performance trainers, fitness partners, family, friends… and an army of fans… for Baily, fans are friends. Baily is a team member and she knows this. She knows it will take the whole team to get to the podium.” - Peter Burton